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"Octavia Multimedia Group Limited® "
Octavia Multimedia Group ® (Octaviamusic.) is a Media Company, part of a group of companies, operating in the music, record and entertainment industry.  You can "Buy sheet music here."  also we deals with Musicians, Artists and Music of all genres, as well as Products, Production and Services; such as, Music Downloads, Sheet Music, Piano Music, Music Online, Music Books, Music Stores, Online Shop, Singers, Songwriters, Composers, Bands, Pop Groups, Music Production, Music Producers, Music Publishing, Licensing Music, a site "Where to buy sheet music."  Tours, Festivals and Ticket Sales, Brand T-shirts and Merchandise, together with Advertising, Promotion and Distributions.  Being the Parent Company, Octavia Multimedia Group Limited ®, (Octaviamusic) has within it's make up, subsidrary companies. 
     A Record Company, Record Label, (Octavia Records Limited™) producing music, records, CDs, record deals, recording contracts, singers, artists, music downloads, and A & R contacts.   A Music Publishing Company, (Octavia Music Publishing Limited™).  licencing music, music publishing, sheet music, music books, music score, piano sheet music, lyrics, printed sheet music and Transpoaed music.  An Artists Development Company,  (Octavia Artist Limited™) working with, singers, performers, musicians, and helping with profile building.   An Artist Management Company, (Octavia Artist Management Limited™).  dealing with contracts, Tours, Gigs, Festivals, Concerts, Personal appearances, Interviews, Events, Event Marketing, Bookings and all other related works.   A Recording Studio, (Octavia Studio Limited™).  Recording music, CDs production, Music production, Mastering and Sound Engineering.   A Music Shop, Online Store,  (Octavia Music Shop Limited™).  Selling the products produced by Octavia Multimedia Group Limited ®. (Octaviamusic)  Such as, Music sheet downloads, Mp3 downloads, Brand T-shirts, Artist's Posters, Poetry, Music distribution, to buy printed sheet music, CDs and music downloads.   And a Music Magazine Company, (Octavia Music Magazine Limited™).  Dealing with, Advertising, Promotion, Press Releases, Marketing, Newsletters, Email Marketing, Publicity and Articles.  
     All companies working together as one unit to support and drive the career of Octavia's Artists™ and promote the Brand, it's products and services.  By taking care of such things as, Music Production, Music Books, Record deals, Music to purchase, Music Licensing, artist development, artist management, advertising, sales, ticket sales, distribution, writers, producers; our aim is; to produce music, artist and performers of a standard equal to the Great Motown era,  "Keeping Music Real, Artists inspired, fans engaged and Customer's loyalty."   Creating a new musical culture that has more of the real X-factor music industry needs.  Read more under About Us.
 Logo First PageRegistered Brand & Trademark:....
Octavia®, is the registered "Brand & Trademark," of, Octavia Multimedia Group Limited®  [the parent company,]
ealing with many aspects in the music and entertainment industry.
(i.e. Records and recording; Music and Music Publishing; Artists and Artist Developement; Management and Artists Management; Writers and Composers; Records and Recording Studio; Music Sales and Music shop; Promotion and Distribution;  Advertising and Music Magazine; Booking gigs and Ticket Sales.) Press releases, newsletters and video releases.  Access to buy records, buy CDs, buy sheet music, buy T-shirts, and mp3 music downloads.  Everything in house to advance the career of creative and talented individuals.  Together with our website, social medias, music radios and music televisions, newpapers and music distrubition companies.

ONLINE ADVERTISING...     We use these facilities also to partner with others, in advertising for companies such as music software companies, iPod manufacturers, iTunes, sports, soft drinks, cars, concert halls, theatres, gigs venues, festivals, clubs fashion shops and fashion stores.  The whole lifestyle thing you may say.  We believe music is the engine that drives trends and industry.  And music website's advertising rates can be a fraction of some newspaper advertising cost.  Media advertising to be exact, Social Media advertising is all the craze today.  Although television advertisements drives ad magazines, the internet advertising costs can be a fraction of marketing and advertising, our banner advertising rates can be very reasonable.  We intend to include in our online magazine advertising costs, a printed version for coffee tables, rest rooms and airport lounges readers.

      "Octavia®, is looking to signs, Performing Artists to it's Record Label, "Octavia Records Limited™," (Singers, Musicians, Soloist, Bands and Groups)  and manage them through it's management company "Octavia Artist Management Limited™" And to publish Writers/Composers and other creatives producers to, "Octavia Music Publishing Limited™"
Artists needing artist development will be asigned to, "Octavia Artist Limited™." Promotion, Advertising, PR and Press, is done through "Octavia Music Magazine Limited™." Distribution, Marchandise and sales, through, "Octavia Music Shop Limited™." And other partners from time to time when it is necessary to get best result. With the intention of achieving and maintaining a high standard, both with the artists and the products. In building a musical family. 
The foundersThe Founders:.....
"Octavia®," is the brainchild of Michael Alexander and Nathan Alexander. Both  Singer/Songwriters/Composers, and  Directors, who wanted to follow up on the idea and belief, that if you nurture talent and creativity, it would ventually    grow into something rewarding and wonderful. "Octavia®, " is the "Brand," with which they hope to achieve that.
The Directors decided to set up these companies in the first instant to cater for their own careers in the Music and    Entertainment Industry, but was pursuaded by friends of one of the
Directors to extend the facilities to other Nathan 2nd Foundercreative and   talented individuals, because they recognised the difficulties facing some individuals trying to further their careers   after leaving Colleges and Universities. (not forgetting those from the communities at "Street Cred," level). Because creativity and talent  comes from every walks of life.  The Directors wants "Octavia®," to be the first stepping stone they step on, in their effort to get across the strong flowing current of uncertainty that exsist in the Music and Entertainment Industry. To that end "Octavia®," is getting involved with Schools, Colleges and Universities, in the hope of recognising these talented individuals, and to help that talent and creativity earlier and to used the "Octavia® Brand," to bring them into the public domain.  They feel certain there is others like Michael Jackson, Rihanna, REM, Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones, Steve Wonder, Lional Richie and Prince out there waiting to take music to a new demension. 
MUSIC GENRE  (Octaviamusic): ......
"Octavia®," is interested in all type of music and genre, and welcome their submission.
Example: | R&B  |  Soul  |  Funk  |  Reggae  |  Rock  |  Rock-n- Roll  |  Hip Hop  |  Jazz  |  Pop  |  Folk  |  Gospel  |  Blues  |  Love Songs  |  Country  |  House  |  Carnival  |  Dance  |  Acoustic  |  Opera  |  Classical  |  Remix  |  Clasic Soul  |  Drum & Bass  |  Soul-R&B  |  Rock-R&B  |  Pop-R&B  | 
We put great emphasis on the ability of the artist. That's not to say that quality songs, music, writing and performances is not part of expectation. "Octavia ®," expects the best that is possible from everything it represent.  Quality materials and a professional aptitude to work, for consideration.  And the presence of mind to be able to work with them.   We are also interested in receiving submissions from Poetry Writers for publication.

"Octavia®," is interested in working with: ......     Musicians, Musician Unions, Management associations , Societies like PRS-MCPS, Music licencing business, Theatres, Television companies, Filmmakers, Recording Studios, Stage and Sound Engineers, stage and sound Studios, Distributors, Music Shops, Stores, software companies, Club Owners, Club Managers, Entertainment venues Managers, Events Promoters, Festival Organisers, Pub Landlords, Small Venues Managers, Newspapers journalists, Bloggers and PR companies.
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  |  Sheet Music  |  Lyrics of Songs  |  Transposed Music  |  Poetry  |  Music Downloads  | 
MP3  |  Downloads  |  
and Mp3  |  Music Wav  |  Downloads  |  Artist's Posters  |  Brand's T-Shirts  |  Gifts Boxes  |  Music Books  |  Records  |
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 Poetry Downloads  |  Piano Music Downloads  |  Online Ticket Sales  |  and [ soon Transposed Music ].  |
     Octavia® book and sell tickets for, Gigs, Tours and Festivals, Pubs, small venues and stadiums.  We Sell Tickets, through our E-mail marketing and Event planning partner Constant Contact..   You buy your tickets for events arranged by us, by clicking on the event you wish to attend when it is displayed on this website, in the section mark  "Upcoming Events,"    For more information,  Contact us by E-mail:   info@octaviaartistsmanagement.com or through any of our other E-mail addresses which you will find under Contact Us.
We would also arrange gigs and sell tickets for Groups and Performers who are not asigned to our company on a fee and or percentage basis. Contact us for details.  Octavia® .... is working towards becoming members of the relevent associations, societies, industries and media groups.  And we appreciate the assistance given to us by them. Contact Email: info@octaviamultimediagroup.com.

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