Nathan Alexander is in his 20s, a Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Performer, recording Artist; assigned to "Octavia Records Limited,"  (a division of Octavia Multimedia Group Limited®  Nathan plays acoustic, electric and Bass Guitar, and also Drums.  He writes and performs his own original materials, mixed with his own interpretation of other materials from other well-known Artists. 

Nathan is a big believer in keeping music real.  Nathan supports and encourages young musicians, by devising managing and performing in an "Open Mic Show," at The Grapes in Stafford.  A programme he's been running successfully for several years.

Nathan is a professional Musician, having spent 3 years at the Walker Technical College in Telford after leaving school.  His first intention was to gain a career in computer programming, but a walk by the music studio changed all that in an instant.  Music became his preferred career choice and became inspired like never before and worked hard at every aspect of the craft gaining more grades than was needed to secure himself a place at Stafford University.

Nathan has more then eight years working experience in the industry, prior to signing with "Octavia Records Limited."  Nathan spent many years touring with various Bands, from Aberdeen  to Hastings and from Cardiff to Norwich, including taking part in the Midland's version of "Battle of the Bands," projects, as well as Local Council's community fun day and festivals, during his College years and continure after relocating to Stafford University, there studing for a Music Technology and Music management degree.  Nathan had been head hunted by several bands for his style of quitar playing.

In his role as promoter for the bands, Nathan was responsible for organising the venues, transport, accommodation and stage performance and dealing with the finance. Nathan is very much admired and respected by the other Artists and Musicians who know him in the industry, because of the interest he takes in their careers and the support and encouragement he gives to them.

After several successful years of assistance managing public houses as a form of income to subsidizing his student's grant and living standard, Nathan wants to concentrate now solely on his career in music, writing, recording, producing and performing.  He has now signed up to "Octavia Records Limited, Octavia Artists Management Limited," and "Octavia Artists Limited," who are managing his affairs and assisting him to reach his goal in his chosen career.  Nathan is a self-motivated individual.  He gives 100% to everything he does.  "Octavia Records," believe he is a star in the making. 

The people who influence Nathan's musical taste are the great Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, James Brown (The Funk Master General) The Beatles, Marvin Gaye and Jeff Buckley.  Nathan been working on his debut single "Let it Shine," which has now been

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