The update of our Website

12th September 2011

Hi Folks......  here is the latest update to out website.  We hope you would like it and warm to the colours.  We have added more colours and facilities, in our effort to make the site more user friendly.  As we are embarking on a different way of dealing with the elements in the music industry, we have not got examples to guide us, so we have had to think outside the box in achieving what we believe to be another way of dealing with budding musicians.

There are some more upgrades to come and we have been told it would be completed by Friday this week, the 16th September.  This is an on going project we have undertake.  We believing we are making changes to achieve our gold and not changes for changes sake or to be like other websites.  The upgrade coming is just another part of our on going quest for a website that reflect the business and service we hope to achieve.

It has been hard work involving many hours, we sincerely hope its worth the effort.  We would like to thank "Clear of Shrewsbury," for their co-opperation expertise and hard work in getting to this point.  Check us out on Friday for the next upgrade and please give us some feedback, so our next upgrade would be with the knowledge that we are taking your views into consideration.

(c) Copyright 2011 - Octavia Multimedia Group Limited.  All rights reserved.  Writer:  M. Alexander.


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