Eurovision Song Contest - in Baku Azerbaijan - Engelbert Humperdinck.

26th May 2012

Its the Eurovision song contest tonight Saturday 26th May 2012, in Baku Azerbaijan and Engelbert Humperdinck is representing Britain, with a song entitled  "Love will set you free," in the usual Engelbert's Ballard style.  It is a tall hill for Engelbert to climb, because Britain has not won the contest for such a long time, inspite of changing the way they choose the winning song or artist to represent Britain.
I would like to through our support behind Engelbert, because it would mean a great deal for the music industry in Britain if he were to win and giving us the opportunity of staging the contest next year.  "GOOD LUCK ENGELBERT."   But  I think the six Singing Grannies from Russia is making a big impression on the contest, with their simplicity and modesty.  It may have been a bit of a joke entering them in the contest at first, but its proving to be a very clever move.  They could even win the contest.

I still believe the music industry should get more involve in this contest.  For one, it is the biggest audience for music and the platform for launching an artist career is what the industry would die for.  And yet they seem to take a back seat in the whole affair.  Octavia Music Group (Octavia Records; Octavia Music Publishing) is deffinately interested in getting involve and we would look to entering a song or artist for selection next year.


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