The Re-election of President Barack Obama.

10th November 2012

Congratulation to Presitent Barack Obama of being re-elected for a second term.  And achieving the desired two term presidency.  It felt as an achievement in itself especially as we understand how much work the Republicans put into making him a one term president. 

We at Octavia was and still is very interested in the man as well as his presidency and follows his career much more than any other politician.  He ran on the ticket of change in his first term and told the nation "Yes We Can." that made them believe that nothing is imposible.  But it seems the changes he was talking about was being interpreted in different ways by differnt section of the nation. 
     The Republican were convinced enough that none of these changes had taken place, and that was a point of criticum they felt would give them advantage in this election.  But the changes the ordinary people wanted and expected from Barack Obama was completely deifferent and more in tune to the changes Barack Obama was talking about, health, education, skills, relationship and their politician response in times of their needs.  Giving the nation the tools and support they need to achieve their life time goals.  The ordinary people had no doubts that these changes had been taking place.  Reason why they re-elected him to a second term. 

So now the Republican having fail in making Barack Obama a one term president, the question is, are they going to continue being obstructive or are they going to do whats best for th nation?  What this election tells me and indeed everyone else, is that the ordinary people are more aware of what is going on, than they at first being credited with.  But whats more important is that the ordinary people believe that they have an interest, and what comes with that interest, a desire and means to continue these changes.  I am also please that Barack Obama re-election gives Michelle the opportunity to continue the work she and Joe Biden's Wife is doing with the disavantage groups.

© Copyright 2012.  Michael Alexander.  All rights reserved.


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