Formula 1 Racing Weekend - Monaco

24th May 2016

This coming weekend racing is taking place in Monaco streets, where last year Lewis Hamilton was called into the pit under a change strategy and the result was he came third in the race, following the year before where he was denied pole by his team mate (Nico Rosberg) running wide. What can we expect this year, which started very troublesome for Hamilton and very disastrous in the last race at the Spanish GP. The race was memorable for other reasons. Red Bull wining a race this season, Max Verstrappen winning his first Formula 1 race and being the youngest driver to do so and Ferrari having both drivers on the podium, (Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vellel)and in fact Kimi taking second place in the drivers standing. I am confident in thinking that none of what has happened to Lewis Hamilton this season would put him off thinking, he can still overcome all this a become champion again this season. I am looking forward the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend and the rest of the other races of the season. There are still about 400 points for the taking and a lot to play for. Go! Go! Go! LH44. (Lewis Hamilton Silver Arrow 44) (C)copyright 2016. Michael Alexander. All rights reserved.


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