"Let it Shine," by Nathan Alexander

11th March 2011

     Nathan Alexander has release his debut single "LET IT SHINE," on the "Octavia Records Label today the 11th March 2011.  (Let it shine, let it shine.....)  It has a very catchy melody.  Go On download a copy for your IPOD.   It's the first of what Nathan hope would be a very long and productive career in the music industry.  Nathan's devotion to his career is not in question, having studied at College and then University to obtain the knowledge needed to be as professional to aid his profession.  Nathan have waited a very long time to reach this milestone in his career.  Making music is what Nathan feels he was put on earth for.  He has already a very solid fan base, which he built up from Touring, Performing at Festivals and other Events.  But he is looking to extend his fan base.  Why not join by registering to receive Newsletters. 

You can Download "Let it Shine," in two versions (MP3 and Wav )  And then contact Nathan by email.  He would love to hear from you.  Some feedback from you about the single would be very much appreciated. 

The CDs of "Let it Shine," would be available soon.  (The date of the CD becoming available would be posted on this website.)  for delivery by post and at venues where Nathan Alexander would be performing.  Tickets for those events would also be sold on this website.  You can purchase T-Shirts and Posters.  Why not register for our NEWSLETTER.


Michael Alexander, Singer/Songwriter/Composer; has also release 5 New Songs, on the 11th March 2011.  It's in "Sheet Music," PDF files for downloads.  And the lyrics to those songs is also available as download.  It will soon be possible to Transpose these songs on the internet in different Keys and Instrumets, from your own computer and print them from your printer.  What this means is, that we would be able to cater for more of your musical needs.  In the mean time these songs are available as PDF files, for Piano etc.  They are original composition, if anyone wants to make recordings of them, they should contact "Octavia Music Publishing Limited."  On "Octaviamusicpublishing.com,"  to get permission from the copyright holder.  New songs are on the way,  keep watching this space.

© copyright 2011 Octavia Multimedia Group Limited.  All rights reserved.


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