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Octavia Records Limited™  
Contacts Us by:   E-mail: info@ctaviarecords.com;   by Phone: +44 (0)   1952 617907; or  Mobile:07868228466.  Sending Demo/Materials from Artists/Musician for Consideration:  E-mail: a.r@octaviarecords.com or post it to our registered office: 3 Chapel Street, St. Georges, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 9JA. United Kingdom.  Please state clearly what you require from us.
For On-Line Distribution and Downloads, go to: Octavia Music Shop Limited ®   [ Our Online Store ]  Contact E-mail: nfo@octaviamusicshop.com.

"Octavia Records Limited™, " the Record Label Company of "Octavia Multimedia Group Limited®,  "......
It's aims and aspirations are to search for and assigned suitably talented Artists/Individuals to it's Record Label. And to work with them in achieving the best they can be.  Then through "Octavia Music Publishing Limited™, " [ the publishing and licensing music company in the group ]  search for suitable materials, ( i.e. songs) and with music Producer, record these Artists. Then release the recordings in the form of CDs Music to Buy,  DVDs of performance, MP3, Wav as music downloads, VINYL Records when requested and all other method available for exploiting music and all other related productsin the music industry.
And to Sell and distribute these products as DOWNLOADS through the Online e-commerce shop. "Octavia Music Shop Limited™,"  [ It's E-mail: info@octaviamusicshop.com  ]   It's website and other websites and high street shops and record stores.  Also to sell music Cds and other products at  Venues, gigs, Festivals etc.  To arrange Television and Radio's interviews, and Appearances.  And use the "OCTAVIA® " "Brand/Trademark,"  to promote the Artists and the Sales of Merchandise.  Octavia Music Shop™,  would play an essential part through which we will undertake delivery by post or by designated couriers, both national and international.
Octavia Records Limited™ : -  Latest Releases
Nathan CD display
   | Let it Shine | by Nathan Alexander,  [ Now On Sale as download]  
   | "LET IT SHINE," MP3 and WAV, | CDs

   Nathan Poster Didplay|  Posters,  T-SHIRTS and SHEET MUSIC.

"Octavia Records Limited™ , " is prepared to give a record deal to artists, base on the artist's ability and potentuals after being evaluate by the directors.    Octavia Records™  would work with their Recording Artists to achieving the very best that can be achieved.  We aim to achieve this by working with, Music Schools, Colleges, Universities, and specialists in the music industry and entertainment industry.  Performers would be encouraged and expected to work on developing their art. Those Artists who show potential, but might not yet be up to the recording and performing stage, and who is considered to be with potentials but in need of advise, guidance and help for improvement.  They would be considered for tutorial, ( by the directors or other appointed officials), and if approved, they would be assigned to "Octavia Artists Limited™ , " [ the artists development company of the group ], where advise, tutorials, support and help for improvements would be given with the assistance of professional individuals.

     Then at the stage of development considered by the directors and appointed personels, [ if any is appointed ], to be right in terms of the Artist's achievement and what is right for "Octavia Records Limited™ , " and in conjunction with "Octavia Music Publishing Limited™ , " search for suitable materials for the artist to record. Giving considered priotity to the Artist's own materials, [ if it is proven that the artists has the ability to write/compose their own materials ].
"Octavia Records Limited™ , " will record the artist, through the Recording Studio company of the group, "Octavia Studio Limited™ , " and any other studios or entities as maybe necessary to achieving it's goal.  And on completion of the music recording or recordings, release the music recording as CDs, DVDs, MP3, WAV downloads, VINYL Records, RINGTONES for mobile phones, as DOWNLOADS, and all other methods as may become available in the music industry and entertainment industry. "Octavia Records Limited™ , " together with, "Octavia Artist Managment Limited™ , " [ who will manage the artist career, arranging gigs, radio interviews, television appearances, tours and festivals]  will then promote and represent the said Artist career and products, through the medium available to them in the music industry and entertainment industry and in conjuction with, "Octavia Music Magazine Limited™ , " [ the promotional company of the group ], promote the products and Artist, and sell the products through  "Octavia Music Shop Limited™ , " [ the on-line distributor and e-commerce shop of the group ], as download on the internet, at venues, festivals, local shops and high street stores, and as orders orders to be delivered by post or by designated courier. [ see delivery policy ].
ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS Interested in being signed:-

Interested in being signed by "Octavia Records Limited™ , " get in touch initially by e-mails to the A and R department of "Octavia Records Limited™ , " at, a.r@octaviarecords.com giving full details of yourself and your skills.  A picture of you the individual or group would be useful, and a sample of your work.  [ Important]:  All samples of music must be of original composition and that you the individual holds the copyrights for the composition sent, thereby indemnifying the company from any copyrights infringement. We are unable to return sample materials sent to us.

The answer to, "Where can I buy music Cds," by Octavia Records Artists is here on our websites.  You can purchase Music Cds from our  website and also all other products we produce.   Click on the items in the product selectors or on "OCTAVIA SHOP," | "Create an Account," as indicated or from "Octavia Shop".  Make your selection and payment, then download your selection.  Orders to be delivered by post or couriers. Click on the "Octavia Shop" or the products on the product selectors on the websites.  If you already have an account with us.  Then login make your selection and payment, you will then recieve an invoice for your purchase and payment by E-mail.  The delivery day, date and time would be on that invoice. Please keep it safe. [ see delivery and returns policy ]

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