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Octavia Artist Management  -   Organise, Managed and Sell Tickets For:

  • GIGS              --     For Bands, Musicians, Solo Artist.          
  • EVENTS         --     For Pubs, Clubs & Dance Halls
  • TOURS          --     For Record Promotion.
  • FESTIVAL      --     For Councils & Communities and those organised by us.

    We sell all Tickets for the above events, and you get to print them from this website.

    Create an ACCOUNT  then proceed.  Your Account is govern by our [Privacy Policy]

    Octavia Artist Management Limited,"  

    arranges and manage  "GIGS, TOURS, RECORD PROMOTION, FESTIVALS, EVENTS and VENUES,  for artists assigned to "Octavia Records Limited,"  and in conjunction with other members of the "Octavia Multimedia Group Limited®," deals with the advertising, printing of leaflets, posters and Ticket Sales.  These facilities are also undertaken for Unsigned Artists or Bands who record and release their own Music, under negociated terms and conditions.

    These Events would Be Arranged through our Partner "Constant Contact," System and displays through our "UPCOMING EVENTS," link on this page and the front page.

    Click on the link provided above to view the upcoming events, fill in your details, then follow the link that directs you to the payment area, and when that is completed, print your ticket out and bring it with you when you attend the event.  Be careful not to lose it as you name will be registered against the number on the ticket, it's your proof of booking for the event.

Services to Unsigned Artists and Bands

"Octavia Artist Management Limited,"  has extra capacity to arrange, manage and promote GIGS, TOURS, FESTIVALS, ALBUM PROMOTION, for up and coming local Bands, Groups and Solo Artists, who are unsigned and without management on an event by event basis for a fee or percentage of the ticket sales, under negociated Terms and Conditions.  Anyone needing assistance in promoting their Events and sell tickets for their Events, including Emailing Marketing, Newsletters and Printing Promotional leaflets should get in touch by Email: info@octaviaartistmanagement.com  or write to us, details which can be found under the, "CONTACT US,"  Tab.

Dates, Place and Time of Events

"Octavia Artist Management Limited,"  will post all the dates, places where the events would be staged, the prices for the tickets and which Artist is playing where, on it's website, and through newsletters, E-mails, advertising and blogs.  You can purchase tickets for these event from this website.  And where possible information and directions on how to get there, and when available transportation information.  There will be opportunity for us to arrange with coach companies to lay on transportation, when we do, this service would be posted at the time of advertising the event.

Paying For Your Tickets.

After you have selected  the Artist, the event and location you want to attend.  You would be directed to pay for the tickets online with you credit or debit card and after doing so, you will be given the opportunity to print your ticket off on this website.  Information received would be treated according to our "Privacy Policy,"  which you should read everytime you are about to make a purchase from our website, assuring yourself that you are aware of the updates, which are necessary to comply with changes in circumstances and the law.  Please keep your ticket safe and take it with you when you attend the event.  Your name would be registered on our system against the number on the ticket and would be checked to prove it's validity when you present it on your arrival.

Limited Capacity at Events.

In certain clubs, pubs and other venues, there would be a limit to the numbers attending in the interest of security and health and safety reasons.  Where the capacity of the venue is limited, in particular at, Special Acoustic Events, we would make every effort to publicise the capacity limit at the time of advertising the event.  We would then treat every request for a ticket on a first come first serve basis.  Ticket sales would be closed for these events when the limit is reached.

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  Payment For Tickets are by Credit or Debit Cards  or by PayPal Account.
  When you proceed through cart and onto payment.


Your loyalty is important to us, and there would be occasions when we would like to rewards this loyalty with special treats.  For instance: 
If you are a regular attendee to our events, then as a "Thank You,"   from us to you for your support, we would include your name to our "SPECIAL CUSTOMER," draw where you stand a chance of being choosen as our "SPECIAL GUEST,"  at one of our event, where you will be given privileged treatment on the night, if you are a winner.


Customers and Enquiries.         Contact Us by Email:     info@octaviaartistmanagement.com

HERES HOPING YOU ENJOY YOUR NIGHT OUT WITH US  -   When you attend our events !!!

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